What is Pokevision and Its alternatives

Pokevision is actually android game in which you can explore the world around you to catch all the pokemon around you. Pokevison has many alternative through which you can track all the pokevision near you. It uses the API named as (Niantic) to grab and find the exact location of all the pokemons…

Only Pokevision was the first mapping program for the pokemon go on the internet. At the time pokevision DOt com get thousand of visitors, few years back the most search website and term on google is pokemon dot com website.

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Am going to share some tips, by which you can track and find pokemon near you easily. You can track pokemon through these trackers

  • PokeVs
  • PokeRadar
  • PokeEye
  • Go Scan
  • PokeFast
  • PokeNest
  • Pokemesh
  • PokeVs


Pokevs is best alternative, its easy to use and clean interference UI. You can just enter the address and get all the pokemon.


PokeRadar is also best and fully interactive maps. Through this app you can easily target and capture pokemon near you.

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This app is the fastest scanner to scan all the pokemon near you. It will only show available pokemon at a time.


This App is alternative android app and it have capability to filter pokemon type. This pokemesh app is still works fine, but you have donate to get your desired opinion.


PTCL The Advanced Internet Company

PTCL stands for Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation limited. In this age of advancement and technical development no one can deny the importance of the new ways in the field of telecom.

This corporation was established with the same mental approach in order to provide sufficient communication facilities to the people of Pakistan. It is the only institution which is fighting to meet the increasing needs as well as demands of all the classes of Pakistani community. It has a nationwide spread network of workers, officers, customer care centers, offices, and franchises. Ptcl is also offering his customer ptcl smart tv app services, you can watch unlimited channels and shows.

All are busy in fulfilling the need of its customers in their best professional way and utilizing their best field relevant abilities and this is the reason that in spite of limited resources this institution is performing its best possible role in the development as well as in the progress of this sacred land.

Its aim is not only to provide the best communicating facilities but also to share every step to progress with the nation in any field. In recent wave of PSL (Pakistan Super League) which is an international fair of cricket, PTCL taking part in it as an official partner of Islam Abad United. You Can also Check Ptcl Bill by visiting the official ptcl site.

They history of PTCL is as old as the history of Pakistan itself. This historical journey of PTCL is though very tough but it shows that “if there is a will there is a way”. It is the efforts of its employs as well as its officers that today we can say that PTCL is among the top communicating companies in the world.


How to watch Captain Marvel in Pakistan?

Marvel has been making amazin movies for a long time but they actually reached the sky when they combine all heroes in one MCU world and caught the whole world by surprise. Even though it’s Hollywood but still there is a lot of fan following in other countries and one of those countries is Pakistan. But I have a bad news for all Marvel fans that captain marvel is not releasing in Pakistan. And at the moment there is no clear reason why. At first there was speculation that Disney’s South Asia regional office is in India which is headed by Mahesh Samat and we are not sure whether India has anything to do with this as there has been a huge issue on LOC between India and Pakistan as we all witnessed it.

On the other hand NadeemMandviwalla who is the head of Mandviwalla entertainment who are one of the biggest Pakistani film importers and distributers said that the speculation that captain marvel not releasing in Pakistan had to do anything with the fact that Disney’s South Asia regional office is in India is baseless, he told SAMAA Digital. It turns out that some other film distribution companies are paying Disney three times more that they get before from other companies.

But fans don’t care about all of this. Their major concern is that Avengers: Endgameis releasing on 24th April, 2019 worldwide and its release date in Pakistan is 26th April in IMAX theatre Lahore. Even if its mentioned on IMAX website but still it’s not sure as thefilm distribution companies are discussing with Marvel studios and talks are still going on but there is a good chance that we will be seeing Endgame on Pakistani cinemas but still a diehard Marvel fan Like me has to watch Captain Marvel somehow and before endgame, so that we remain caught up with the story line though its posturized In 90s and pre snap but as we all know that she will be a key role and one of the very few avengers strong enough to beat Thanos. I mean you all know what he did to Hulk who was in dispensible till now. And of course all want to see post credit scene if you know what I mean (no spoilers).

What is the Solution?

I looked for the movie all over the internet. It has not came in a good print yet and most of the time it is censored or cut in its own way. Luckily its DVD version will be released in few days and I have pre ordered it from Amazon. Now here is a tricky part, Amazon does not ship to Pakistan so you have to use a third party, most accurately a package forwarding company who can ship your item to your door step.

There are many companies who provide such services such as Via box, My US and shipito but currently I am doing business with My Us address company there rates are lowest among all other companies and delivery is quick so the moment the DVD will be released, you will get it in few days which will beearly enough before the release of Endgame so that you enjoy the whole movie before any spoilers. You can also visit package forwarding comparison website to choose the best company with low rates.