How to deal with “Toxic” Summoners

Greetings summoners! We all know of that huge problem that is frequently posted on the boards, reddit and social media sites. People get upset – I do it, you do it; everyone gets upset with these types of people and many feel helpless in trying to stop it from happening. The thing is, we need to stop trying to put an end to it: at least outside of the means we already have available. We have things like reporting people which eventually brings Toxic players to the Tribunal for judgement.

That is one of the main, and possibly the only ways of bringing justice to those who create a horrible environment for players alike.

But here is the kicker – stop trying to be an in-game vigilante. Use the mute button and stop telling people to grow thicker skin; just report people. No one, no matter how toxic you may be should have to put up with someone else calling you a raging douche-licker.

Going around telling teammates to stop raging is only going to make things worse. Maybe 20% of those players who are currently calling out another player for making a bad play will actually stop doing it after you tell them to knock it off. And on the opposite side of that scale, you will get the following response 80% of the time

You are less likely to get someone to change their ways in League of Legends(Or many competitive games out there) than you are to win $20 off a scratch ticket.  This does not mean that you can’t make a difference. It simply proves that you are less likely to change the community by typing in all chat or telling your team how to be better people. Use the Tribunal, with the rewards taken out and a simple “tribunal justing rating” being implemented, it leaves those who wish to earn something with little to no motivation to do it.

On the other hand, many people just jump into Tribunal after a rough game with the motivation of banning ragey kids. This is also a poor mentality to have when trying to “heal” or “fix” the League of Legends community. All of these are bad ambitions to have. If you want a cleaner community, there are a few things you can do to encourage this. Please understand this is strictly my personal opinion and doesn’t represent anyone from my little community here or Riot themselves.

1. Don’t be a douche

Don’t spam that you’re going to report someone because they said something rude, inappropriate or just plain stupid. Don’t even mention the word in chat. Know that you’re going to report this person because they called you a faggot and that in time, if you keep reporting people like this, they will find justice somehow. Don’t sit there typing why you’re going to report them, or that you’re about to mute them.

2. Mute anyone with a toxic attitude.

Again, don’t tell them you’re muting them. Just freaking mute the guy/girl. You don’t need someone telling you that you’re bad, you don’t need someone telling you that your mom should suck you off for $5. You don’t need any of that negativity in your head as this game is already stressful as it is and trying to improve can cost you a lot of your happiness as is. You should be able to play this game for fun, or if you like be competitive in it. But be a good fucking sport.

3. Report ONLY toxic players.

You can identify toxic players in the community by the way they type, what they say, or how they act. If someone is calling you a stupid bitch who doesn’t gank and is costing them the game. You just found a toxic Summoner. If someone is telling you to group they are pushing down the mid lane inner turret, stop farming. You just found someone attempting to be a leader, and doesn’t fully grasp the concept of manners. But no, they are not toxic; they want to win. Understand the difference and you’ll succeed in ridding the community of one toxic summoner at a time. There is a difference and only you can distinguish it, it is very difficult(80% of the time) to convey emotions over the internet, and double that in a league game when you try to type things really quickly between attacking minions.

4. Stop telling people to have thicker skin.

This goes to everyone and everything. Telling streamers, youtubers etc to grow a thick skin and just take the bullshit people on the net throw at them is just 100% bullshit. Let’s put in into perspective real quick; Let’s use TSM TheOddOne for example, this guy is one of my favourite streamers and players in League of Legends. He’s a solid jungler for a very well known and successful team with little to no known risk of losing his position. He streams as much as he can when they aren’t practicing for LCS and other events, and probably has thicker skin than some of us. But he still gets hate messages, death threats, etc. Everyone does. This beats down on you over time and generally makes you feel shitty. People can ruin your day if you let them, but if you take the steps to deter this hate then you will have a much better day. You can’t stop people from being toxic, but you can also not feed that rage and aggression. My point with the odd one is while he does try to communicate with other players, he mutes the fuck out of you if you start being a dick. You know what happens next? TheOddOne moves on, he forgets you even said anything and focuses on the game. This should be for everyone.

The more tranquil a man becomes, the greater is his success, his influence, his power for good. Calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom.- James Allen

In the end of the day it is up to you to report those who are deserving, and not let it bother you. You don’t have to sit there taking everyone’s shit, but don’t be that guy who tries to serve it back to them because then I’m reporting both of you in game.